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One part NPR, one part Dungeons & Dragons, and one part "Waiting for Guffman"... mix well... garnish with the blood of your enemies and serve over ice at the bar in the lobby during intermission.
DND20 Public Radio is featuring a new spotlight on local semi-professional theatre productions from the All Orc and Goblin Community Theatre Project here in central Drastmore. Known for their heart-wrenching portrayals of classic and contemporary plays, the AOAGCTP is widely regarded as the most accomplished theatre company in the realm, and this year's season is sure to be nothing short of miraculous, even under the direction of a brand new artistic director. Join DND20's correspondent Elinore Stonefield as she seeks the behind-the-scenes scoop on the AOAGCTP's coming season.
Episode 3: Groundplans, Gobos and Goblins
Aly Grauer as Elinore Stonefield

Steve Yandell as Crock Wigworm

Eli Kurtz as Ree-Ro Ugg (and Fumble)

Courtney Lynn as Helga Stomp

Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the musical intro "Lobby Time" and the commercial break music "Shaving Mirror." For more music and information, please visit .
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