Nostalgia, fantasy, fiction and more from author and creator Alyson Grauer!

Famed actors Vultug, Nargle, and Mazgash are back to dish about the company fundraiser picnic, the opening of "Rent" and the critics' response, and what roles they're getting ready to play.


Episode 4: "Reviews and Rivalries"


Aly Grauer as Elinore Stonefield 

Bill Gordon as Vultug Scarhand

Elyse Dawson as Nargle Gargle-Smith 

Patti Moore as Mazgash Breakbones

Drew Mierzejewski as Skaggar Skullsplitter


Special thanks to Kevin MacLeod for the musical intro "Lobby Time" and the commercial break music "The Show Must Be Go." For more music and information, please visit .

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